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Design philosophy

Homes reflecting authentic lives, integrity, and bespoke visions


A Home should be an authentic reflection of its inhabitants, their lives and what inspires them. At Haymonts this is accomplished by forming a close rapport with clients from the outset of any project.

The approach always begins with listening and observation, soaking up a sense of space and of persons. Integrity is at the heart of of what we do.

Honest advice and guidance is provided throughout the design process, ensuring the vision is brought to life with efficiency. The space will be a modern and bespoke reflection of you, rather than simply regurgitating mainstream trends or identikit 'looks'.

“Modern family life makes practical demands on a home but decisions based on function do not have to limit loveliness nor luxury.”

Hayley Lamb, Creative Director

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Mauris egestas gravida faucibus magna tincidunt ac nunc.

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